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"There is no frigate like a good book to take us lands away."
– Emily Dickinson








I have emailed Xpress Yourself Publishing to let you know my order never arrived, and I have not received a response.


Chances are, we had written you back, but may have been blocked by SPAM. Please check your SPAM preferences. An email filter program will send email from domains it does not recognize. To ensure you receive email from us, you should add to your email address book.


I sent a question to Customer Service and still haven't received a reply. I don't have a SPAM-guard on my email account so what is the hold up?


Customer Service replies can take a few hours to a few days, depending upon how backlogged we are. We try to respond the same day to inquiries, but it is not always possible. We know it can be frustrating, but we sincerely appreciate your patience!



When are you putting your titles into print?


Click here to see titles currently available. Stories become available in print any where from six months to several years. Please note that all our books will remain available as eBooks, as we feel this is where the future of reading lies. 



I have submitted my manuscript for consideration, when will I receive a response?


We receive a large number of submissions each week, but we're not complaining. We love reading your stories, but we put a lot of time and consideration into selecting manuscripts for publication. But, if we are interested in publishing your manuscript, we will contact.


I have submitted my manuscript for consideration, and have called numerous times to check on the status. Why have you not called me back?


Our Submission Guidelines clearly states NO PHONE INQUIRIES, PLEASE. Constant phone calls does not speed up the process. If anything, we find it annoying and will likely not consider your manuscript for publication.


I pre-ordered a book. Why have I not received it yet?


When you pre-order a book, you're reserving your copy, and you are purchasing at a discounted price. When is the book's release date? If you pre-order a book in January 15 and the release date is February 15, it will be shipped the week of February 15. We do not ship books prior to its release date. We apologize for the inconvenience.









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