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Our Submissions Guidelines


Thank you for considering Xpress Yourself Publishing! We appreciate you stopping by to review our submission guidelines.


Our reviewing process is a long and lengthy one, and it will help us immensely if our guidelines are followed in order to speed up the process. Please, carefully read the below guidelines for submitting your manuscript.

Please, NO phone or email queries or inquiries. We completely understand your excitement and appreciate your persistence. However, constant calling or emailing does not speed up the process. 

Unedited submissions WILL NOT be reviewed or considered for publication. As an author, it is your responsibility to submit a clean and thoroughly-edited manuscript to a publisher.  Please be mindful that what you submit, to any publisher, represents you.

Along with your submission, please include a book marketing and promotions plan. There are no exceptions. Should we choose to publish your book, we want to ensure you understand your responsibility to promote your work. Additionally, knowing your ideas will help us help you.

General Interest Fiction and Nonfiction Books:

We are accepting manuscripts in all genres of fiction, non-fiction, self-help and young adult fiction. We are no longer accepting poetry submissions for publication. We do not require you to be affiliated with a literary agent. However, in order for your submission to be considered, you must follow our submissions guidelines.

NOTE: Submissions with a platform are a plus.

We are seeking tasteful, provocative, intelligent fiction manuscripts in the areas of sexuality and erotica, romance, urban and street, Christian fiction, and general interest, as well as nonfiction, self-help, biographies/memoirs, and lively stories of all genres of fiction for the general population (as well as Young Adult fiction).  Xpress Yourself Publishing is highly selective in the areas of historical fiction, fantasy, and science fiction. A novel must be well written and professionally edited in order to find a place on our list. Completed manuscripts only. Query letters with chapter excerpts are accepted.

Please do not fax submissions. We will not accept submissions on CD-ROMs. We also will not review previously published manuscripts or queries that have been posted on the Internet.


Manuscripts must be typed double-spaced and bound (a simple spiral or comb binder is ideal). Minimal formatting, please. Indent paragraphs, center chapter headers and scene break indicators (###, ***, etc.); use page breaks only at the end of chapters. Use a standard size 12 font only. Margins should be 1 inch all around. Make it readable or we will not read it.

We do not accept manuscripts that are handwritten, printed in colored ink or submitted on computer disk. Please ensure that all manuscript pages are numbered with the author's name, mailing address, email address and telephone number.

Please include a marketing and promotions plan with each submission. Manuscripts submitted without the requested material will not be considered.

You do not have to furnish illustrations, but if you wish, copies of a few comprehensive sketches or duplicate copies of original art will suffice. For fiction we prefer to see the entire manuscript, and for nonfiction a synopsis/proposal and sample chapters.

Please keep a copy of you manuscript for your files, as MANUSCRIPTS WILL NOT BE RETURNED. Should we choose not to accept your submission, your manuscript will be shredded, unless you provide a self-addressed, stamped envelope with your submission.

Email submissions are no longer accepted. Please submit your submission by mail to the following address:

Xpress Yourself Publishing

c/o Acquisitions Editor

P.O. Box 1615

Upper Marlboro, MD 20773

Thank you very much for your interest in Xpress Yourself Publishing!






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